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Chef Ryan Scott Picks Apricots, Buys Fresh Cheese

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Chef Ryan Scott Picks Apricots, Buys Fresh Cheese

Chef Ryan Scott checks out the fresh produce and dairy in California's Central Valley.

Ryan is helping his good friend, Terrance Frazier who doesn't know how to cook, prepare a feast his five kids. He has the perfect kid-friendly summer barbeque menu! But first he has to get some of the ingredients for his dishes.

On the way to Terrance's house, Ryan drives through California's Central Valley. The area is home to America's greatest garden yielding about a third of all the produce grown in the U.S. He stops at Melkonian Brothers Farms to pluck fresh apricots. He plans to make a delicious cobbler with the sweet, juicy fruit.

The Central Valley is also full of dairy products so Ryan decides to make a homemade macaroni and cheese that is sure to please Terrance's five kids. He stops at Fiscalini Cheese Company to buy some fresh cheese for the dish.

Then, he is off to Terrance's house to prepare the meal. Ryan starts by grilling baby back pork ribs. He serves them with a Cherry Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce.

Next, he prepares the homemade pasta and cheese dish that he tops with breadcrumbs and bacon. It is a decadent pasta dish that the kids are sure to love!

For dessert, Ryan shows Terrance how to make a simple cobbler using apricots, granola and yogurt.

Melkonian Brothers Farms
2730 S DE Wolf Avenue
Sanger, CA 93657-9770
(559) 485-6191

Fiscalini Cheese Company
7231 Covert Road
Modesto CA 95358

Ryan Prepares Kid-Friendly Barbeque Meal

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