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Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream

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Chef Ryan Scott indulges in a sweet treat at an ice creamery that makes a point of using local ingredients and making all their own toppings. Despite this, their creativity is unhindered, showing off flavors such as "Candy Cap Mushroom".

Last up, Ryan visits an ice cream parlor that is unique not only in its bizarre flavors, but also for the way it makes its ice cream. The Penny Ice Creamery uses all local ingredients, sourcing from farmers in the area. They make all of their ice cream from scratch, in house. They also make all of their own toppings including sauces, marshmallows and more. They even have their own dairy manufacturing plant on-site. As if all that's not impressive enough, they even have an ice cream recipe written by Thomas Jefferson! The owners had been friends for years before deciding to open the business together. Their specialty is out-of-the-ordinary flavors!

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