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Oakland's Food Scene
Oaklands Food Scene
Chef Ryan Scott explores Oakland, California, a city with a thriving, diverse restaurant scene. It's home to the only vegan soul food in the country. Plus, follow Ryan as he checks out La Borinquena Mexicatessan, a family owned business about to celebrate 70 years. What's the dish people keep coming back for? Tamales! And, Ryan stops by Fist Full of Flour Pizza Company to take a bite of blueberry pizza.
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Slow Cooking with Ariane Duarte
Slow Cooking with Ariane Duarte
Ryan makes a delicious breakfast for his guest, Top Chef contestant Ariane Duarte, and his girlfriend, Lesley. Then, Ariane makes them dinner and dessert in her slow cooker.
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Modern Island Cuisine in Hawaii
Modern Island Cuisine in Hawaii
Aloha! Chef Ryan Scott is on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, visiting the Aulani Resort and Spa, where he's learning how to cook in paradise. He makes a few savory dishes featuring fresh-caught seafood, has a dessert-eating contest with the resort's pastry chef, and even learns how to make a spa treatment from kitchen ingredients. He finishes off his visit with a few luscious cocktails, featuring local ingredients for the perfect tropical flavor.
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Food Rush Video

Food Rush

The Host
Chef Ryan Scott is the host of Food Rush on the Live Well Network.
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