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Hollywood's Hottest Restaurants
Hollywoods Hottest Restaurants
From the Sunset Strip to the Hollywood Hills, Chef Ryan Scott dives into Tinseltown's food scene. Hollywood sits right in the heart of Los Angeles and everyone knows it as the entertainment capital of the world but some of the city's restaurants are as well-known as movie stars.
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Chef Ryan Scott's Gluten-Free Gourmet Meal
Chef Ryan Scotts Gluten-Free Gourmet Meal
Chef Ryan Scott needs to cook a four-course gluten-free gourmet meal for a dinner party. The pressure is on because he has never made anything gluten-free before. Will his four-course menu be a hit?
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Savory Meets Sweet in Seaside Santa Cruz
Savory Meets Sweet in Seaside Santa Cruz
Join Chef Ryan Scott as he explores the beautiful city of Santa Cruz. Fishing is a must in this coastal city where there are abundant opportunities for reeling in your own dinner. Besides the delicious seafood Santa Cruz is known for, Ryan also discovers a restaurant that's using chocolate in ways you can't even imagine!
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Food Rush Video

Food Rush

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Chef Ryan Scott is the host of Food Rush on the Live Well Network.
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