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Wrinkle Free, Homemade Play Dough, Travel Apps, Meat Farm, Halo House, Hair and Skin Remedies

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Getting your clothes wrinkle free is possible on a budget! Plus, check out how to make your own modeling clay. And, get more on a few travel apps that can save you money and discover some homemade hair and skin helpers.
Segment 1
Wrinkle Free
Wrinkle Free
And with the kids back to school, for many of you, your laundry basket is even fuller. Who has time to press all those clothes? We decided to test several wrinkle releasers to see which one is the best for your budget.
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Segment 2
Homemade Play Dough
Homemade Play Dough
Kids loving playing with finger paint, modeling clay or slime. But buying these items and replacing them can get expensive. There is a much cheaper alternative.
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Segment 3
Travel Apps
Travel Apps
Before you make your next travel plans -- get out your smart phone and head straight to the app store. It could lead to big savings.
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Segment 4
Meat Farm
Meat Farm
We've shown you how farmer's markets can save you money on fresh produce. But shopping and saving big at farms doesn't stop there.
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Segment 5
Halo House
Halo House
Many don't realize that tucked away in Houston, Texas, is the world's largest medical center. People travel from across the country to get treatment there, which often-times creates quite an expense.
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Segment 6
Hair and Skin Remedy
Hair and Skin Remedy
We know fruits and veggies are great for our insides, but, did you know they can easily be transformed into wonderful beauty treatments for our outsides?
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