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Woman With Hammer, DIY Beauty Products, Book Sale, Pantry Items, Backyard Bees

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Complete Episode: Woman With Hammer
Check out a few simple DIY projects that anyone can handle. And, learn how to make some beauty products for the man in your life. Plus, get more on backyard beekeeping.
Segment 1
Woman With Hammer
Woman With Hammer
When it comes to home improvements in some cases skill isn't a requirement. These simple DIY projects can save you a lot of money.
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Segment 2
DIY Beauty Products for Men
DIY Beauty Products for Men
Move over ladies this one is for the men! We usually think of women when we think of beauty and getting pretty, but we can't leave out the men, they deserve to look great, too!
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Segment 3
Book Sale
Book Sale
When libraries cycle out their old books each year, they often sell them to the public at rock bottom prices.
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Segment 4
How To Stock Your Pantry for Last-Minute Meal Planning
How To Stock Your Pantry for Last-Minute Meal Planning
If your pantry is stocked with the right foods you will always have options when it comes to last-minute meal planning and snacks. And that will cut back on last-minute trips to the drive-thru.
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Segment 5
Backyard Beekeeping
Backyard Beekeeping
You can pay up to $10 for one jar of local honey. That's just one reason why some people are turning to backyard beekeeping.
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