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Why You Should Go To Your City's Home Show

If you're looking to renovate your home or make healthy changes to your lifestyle, think about heading to your city's home show. You'll see the latest in home technology and figure out the best ways to improve your digs.

Traveling home shows come into major cities across the country for about three days once or twice a year.

From robotic lawn mowers, to outdoor stone coverings and even how to build your own house, home shows offer more than a hundred different vendors all under one roof.

"Once you get in there, we always say there's something for everyone," said Kathy Hopper, general manager of the Texas Home and Garden Show.

It's a tradition dating back 30 years here in the area.

"I think that was probably prior to any of your box stores, before the internet came along where you could vet things out, before your Angie's List and some of that, and so it was a place where you could interact face to face with someone to find out about, what's the latest technology, the latest thing that?s going on," she said.

And that's something, vendors say, you may not get in a big box store.

"What we're offering is a service. They can just spend some time showing them how it works and answering their questions and start to get them familiar," says Mark Jeffrey, owner of U Build It.

For consumers, it also offers a chance to comparison shop.

"They get to come in and see two or three different brands and make a real good, educated decision and get the one that's best for them," says Kevin Sanders, general manager of Rapid Spa of Texas.

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