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Wholesale Stores Open To Public

It used to be the average shopper was not allowed to enter wholesale stores, which offer great deas. But now select wholesale stores, like Sam Moon, are open to the public.

"As soon as they open the doors, it's just impressive. Their eyes open, their mouths drop, they just go wow - they don't know where to start," said Donald Kim, General Manager of Sam Moon, "A wholesale store is a place where retailers can come to purchase merchandise for them to resale. So some people want to call it a middle man."

In the past, wholesale or trading companies only sold to other business owners who had a tax ID card.

"So if they buy a watch for $6, they are going to take it to their store and sell it for $12. Generally how it works," said Kim.

But, Sam Moon -- a store that specializes in women's accessories -- quickly found out the average shopper wanted a piece of the pie.

"As word of mouth spread that we were allowing the public to come in and buy that's when our business really took off. So obviously for us, when we saw that increase we knew this was a market we needed to capture as well and everyone has figured out the same thing," said Kim.

Most wholesale stores just sell online so they don't have to pay rent on a store space.

Milk and Honey land offers wholesale electronics. Wholesale Supplement Store has vitamins and supplements and Kole Imports has low prices on dollar store items, all at much lower prices than you would find in the store.

"A wholesaler will get different products from factories, venders, have it there," said Kim. "Take whatever margin they want and sell it. Usually their margins are going to be thin."

And, it doesn't take shoppers long to realize the difference between wholesale and regular shopping.

"There's a lot of this stuff," said shopper Megan Freeman. "You can get it anywhere, it's the same quality, but they charge you twice or triple so come here and get it for a bargain, good deal."

"We are looking at something that you would normally find anywhere else for twice the price," said shopper Christina Cothren. "Normally you would find it other places for $20 to 30 easily. Bookmarks for $4 -- you can't beat that."

"It's very reasonable," said shopper Thelma Fundora. "And the selection for the price."

"We've got a little bit of everything," said Thelma's friend Annie Kirk. "Basketball and soccer, so the charm bracelets to cheer on the kids. They are hard to find -- not many places carry these nice little things with the charms all over them."

"I'm going to be buying this bible holder for my best friend for her birthday," said Robinette Ward. "It's a good price, good quality, it looks nice."

Saving money is something people of all ages enjoy -- from 9-year-old Maley Torrez to 90-year-old Dorothy Murphy.

"I like the color of it and I like the quilting and it looks like it's easy to get in and out of and walk with," said first time Sam Moon shopper Dorothy Murphy.

"I like the fashion they have, they have wonderful jewelry and the prices are even better," said 9-year-old Maley Torrez.

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