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Web Exclusive: Do-It-Yourself Topiary

Floral designer Dwight Woodbury has a few ideas for making your own topiary.

Fall Topiary:
3 Straw Rings: small, medium and large
Fall Cattails
3 pumpkins: small, medium and large

Tie the cattails onto the large ring and insert into the base of the urn. Insert the large pumpkin stem down. Add the medium straw ring with cattails and insert the medium pumpkin stem down. Finally add the small straw ring with cattails and insert the small pumpkin stem up

Holiday Topiary:
Large Straw Ring
3 Wreaths: Small, Medium and Large
1 small wreath ball
3 Round Glass Vases: Small, Medium and Large
Pine Cones

Insert the large straw ring into the base of the urn. Lay the large wreath on top. Sit the glass vase open-side up and fill with pine cones. Repeat with the medium wreath and vase filling it with pine cones. Add the small wreath and small glass vase. Fill with pine cones and top it off with a wreath ball.

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