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Uses for Old Linens

Put your leftover fabric to good use! You can make scented sachets, bandana hangers or even update an outdated pillow with old linens.

Scented Sachets

Materials needed:

  • Napkin
  • Lavender or other dried herbs
  • Button


Cut a four-inch square from a fabric napkin. With the pattern side up, fold three corners toward the square's center. Hand-stitch the sides together. Turn the sachet inside out, press, and sew a decorative button on top of the flap. Fill the pouch with dried lavender, then secure the flap with some hidden hand-sewn stitches.

Bandana Hangers

Materials needed:

  • Bandana
  • Wire hanger
  • Fabric glue


Not only decorative, these bandanna covers also prevent strappy tops and dresses from slipping off hangers.

Fold a bandanna in half; slip a hanger in between fabric so its bottom meets the fold (fabric should cover the hanger's front and back). Trace the shape of the hanger's arms on the bandanna; cut, leaving room for the hook and a 1/2-inch hem on the side of the bandanna facing up. Fold hem over the hanger's arm, pulling the back side of the bandanna up to meet it, and secure with fabric glue; let dry. Trim any remaining excess fabric.

Decorative Pillow Cover

Materials needed:

  • Fabric
  • Pillow

This is the easiest pillow cover ever. No measuring! No sewing! Just fold and tie. You need a piece of fabric 3 times as wide plus a few more inches and twice as tall plus a few more inches as the pillow. Place the pillow in the center, on the wrong side of the fabric. Start by folding the bottom half of the fabric to the center of the pillow. Then fold the top down to the center. Bring one side over the top of the pillow. Then the other side. Now tie the ends in a square knot. To tie a square knot you take the fabric over-under then under-over.

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