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Uses for Golf Tees

Dig into your junk drawer or sort through your bag of clubs, there are many fun and creative uses for golf tees!

Corn Holders
Use clean tees to hold corn on the cob! Just put one on each side and enjoy!

Balloon Anchors
Never watch your money go up in the air again! Use tees to tie down balloons in front of your home.
This works great if you don't have a mailbox to tie the balloons on.

DIY Tie Holder
Your golf tees can help you organize your tie collection.

Supplies: 6-inch board, paint, drill, hammer, golf tees

  • Mark holes about 2 inches apart on the board.
  • Drill the three holes.
  • Decorate the board with paint or whatever you would like.
  • Use a hammer to secure golf tees in the holes you drilled into the board.
  • Hang up on a wall and use the tees to hang ties from!
Do you have more unique uses for golf tees? Email


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