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Uses For Vodka, Bug Killers, Freebies, Yogurt, Emergency Kit

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Vodka has many other uses than just adding to your cocktail. It can be used as a stain remover, odor eliminator and more. And, learn how to make homemade yogurt! Plus, get the inside scoop on scoring freebies and check out a few DIY bug killers.
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Uses for Vodka
Uses for Vodka
Vodka isn't just for drinking. From battling weeds to killing bad odors, we are taking vodka beyond happy hour and into your household chores.
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Segment 2
Learn to Make Natural Bug Control
Learn to Make Natural Bug Control
We don't want them in our homes but fighting bugs can get expensive. Healthy lifestyle expert Marian Bell says she has always done pest control herself.
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Segment 3
Finding Free Stuff Online
Finding Free Stuff Online
In life there are some things that are free and oftentimes it's just a click away. We went on the hunt for freebies just to see what's out there and how easy they are to find.
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Segment 4
Make Your Own Yogurt
Make Your Own Yogurt
It's a grocery list staple. At $4 a pop, buying yogurt can really add up, especially since you can make it yourself for so much less.
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Segment 5
Orgainizing an Emergency Disaster Kit
Orgainizing an Emergency Disaster Kit
Would your family be ready if disaster strikes -- earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes and random power outages?
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