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Uses For Lemons

Uses For Lemons

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Gabrielle Welch, shows us that you can do a whole lot more with lemons than just make lemonade.

"I've always loved lemons, not just because of their clean fresh scent but because of their many amazing properties. Lemons are anti-viral, they're anti-bacterial so you can use them to clean but you can also use them to cook with." Gabrielle says.

In fact, she starts every day with a healthy lemon brew.

"One of the things that I like to do is use them to make an herbal tea in the morning, either by itself with hot water, boiling water. Or actually with tea. It's a great detoxification for your kidneys and for your liver. If you don't have a special tool to take the seeds out of the lemon before you squeeze it, go ahead and use a strainer. Just go ahead and put the strainer on top of your tea cup and pour the lemon juice into the strainer. It's just a great way to start your morning, start your day in general before you begin eating breakfast and get going for the day."

Of course you can cook with lemons, too.

"I have a favorite dish that I make where you just grate the rind of lemon. This is a really simple cauliflower dish, there are only five ingredients plus the olive oil. It only takes about 15 minutes to make and at the end just to kind of top and add that great zesty flavor. You just take a lemon and grate it a little bit around the top of the cauliflower."

"Lemons are a great source and magnesium. So by adding that to really any dish you make, like we talked about the cauliflower, you're getting those extra nutrients into your diet very simply. I also like to use lemon when I'm making Caesar salad. You can use the juice and squeeze the lemon or you can also grate it at the end which will help you cut the anchovy flavor. And cut the garlic if it seems to have a bite to it the lemon can really help with that as well.

"This is a great way also to kind of sneak in the Vitamin C for your children and they don't really know that they're getting it. But just by adding a few extra squeezes to your salad is a great way to give that to them."

If you think your lemons are on the brink of bad, no need to throw them out!

Gabrielle says, "Even if the lemons are about to turn or starting to go bad, getting a little bit soft. You can still use them in different ways to get the most bang for your buck. I like to squeeze it into a measuring cup and take that measuring cup and pour the lemon juice into ice cube trays. You can then freeze the lemon juice and use it really for anything you want to. You can make a cup of hot tea and take a cube and melt it into your tea. You can use it for parties, for entertaining, it looks really pretty if you alternate the lemon juice trays with something like a cranberry lemonade and add maybe a little piece of mint into the actual tray within each square. And it just looks beautiful, and you can drop those into any beverage of your choice just to kind of spice up your party, but it's just an extra way to make that lemon juice go a little bit further.

"And, an interesting fact that most of us don't know is that lemon juice can actually quench your thirst better than water. So just by dropping in several of these cubes into a glass of water or drinking them alone if you like the really tart flavor, you can quench your thirst that much more quickly."

Now that you have reaped the health benefits of lemons, what else can they do?

"I also love lemons because they're a great tool for cleaning your nails. I have three young girls and we're always doing our nails here at the house. It's a really inexpensive way to get any germs or bacteria off your nails. So just by putting a little bit of lemon juice, which you can also use one of those cubes that we talked about from the ice tray, drop it into a bowl of water, preferably warm water, especially to help melt that cube. And just get a nail brush and you can soak your fingers for about 5 to 10 minutes and then gently rub with a nail brush, and then once you've done that you'll notice that your nails are stronger and shinier especially after using that lemon juice to soak them. And you can save even more money by not having to go to the nail salon to have your nails done by someone else."

I'm not so sure about this next one!

"Now this may sound a little off the wall, but a long use of lemons in history has been as deodorant. It's not an antiperspirant, but it can help you with odor. So if you're in a pinch and you're out on that first date or somewhere you've realized you forgotten your deodorant, all you have to do is get a lemon and slice it in half, put it under your arm and gently squeeze. Not with all the juice coming out but just kind of do a semi-circle under you arm to get full coverage and that'll hold a full hour or so, so you can get somewhere where you can find your deodorant."

Ever notice how all major cleaning products seem to have a lemon scent?

"Many of the household products that we have, whether it's hand wash or counter spray whatever you're using things to clean your bathroom, they all like to emulate the real smell of lemons. But these are usually a synthetic chemical smell. So I like to use lemons to clean. They're also calming and smell invigorating. So you can take those lemons and use them in many different ways in your home. You can mix them with baking powder to use as a scrub in lieu of a soft scrub product. To clean your sink your tub, your toilet, anything like that. You can also actually put them in a spray bottle because they do have anti-microbial properties, you can spray your countertops. you could follow that up with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide if you like. You can also use lemons to get rid of soap scum, lime in your shower in the same way. You just cut the lemon in half and put some baking soda on it and then take that scrub and apply to the location whether it's the shower door or on grout or tile or where you may see some soap scrub or mildew.

"We're in a time right now, especially in my family, where we're really trying to save money and cut corners in any way we can. So I just love the lemon. The lemon is the true green product. It smells great by itself, no natural, no unnatural additives and no unnatural preservatives."

For more information about Gabrielle, Welch and Welch Wellness visit

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