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Creating Upcycled Jewelry

Do-it-yourself jewelry doesn't have to mean sticking with the basic pearls and gems! Just look around your house -- you'd be surprised what you may find! From keys and door hinges, nuts and washers -- even the outdoor sprinkler, Kat Cosley, host of Deals, shows you how to create your own jewelry from items around your house.

"This is the top of a hose handle for turning the hose on and off," said designer Monique Weston. "I used a cameo and a broken ring."

We're talking everything, including parts of the kitchen sink could be turned into wearable pieces of art!

It's an inexpensive technique called upcycling that will have you looking at things around the house in a whole new way!

"I found a lot of times people were asking me what's it made of before they decided whether they liked it or not and I really wanted to reverse that process," Monique said. "So that instead of knowing what's it made of you had to ask what does it do, where did it come from?"

When making your own jewelry, Monique says you need a good pair of narrow-nosed pliers and clippers - you can get them at the hardware store or any craft store. As well as some wire which will run you about $4.

"You can get specialized jewelry wire that has nice coatings on it, but I do like using hardware store wire," she said.

Monique showed us how to transform a brass ring, that's typically used on boats, into a necklace.

You start by hooking wire onto the ring. Using your pliers, twist it a little to secure it and clip the excess wire.

You just string the nuts, the same kind you would screw onto a bolt, and a bead to string onto the wire. She advises you experiment a little to find a combination you really like. Then, clip the excess wire and using round nose pliers bend it into a circle to hang your chain from.

"And that is jewelry making in its essence you've just learned pretty much everything you need to know," she said.

"It's a very forgiving form of art, if you don't like it wire is cheap -- clip it and do it again or if you don't like the way it's bent -- bend it back a different way every time you do you learn something," Monique said.

With these basic techniques you can create some unique masterpieces or even add to or fix-up jewelry you already have in your collection!

To see Monique's unique collection, visit


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