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Spray Paint, Frugal Organizing, Andrew Mellen, Fighting Age, Body Type Workout

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Check out a few clever and creative spray paint transformations. Plus, discover chic organizing without fancy containers and learn how to fight your age with foods.
Segment 1
Spray Painting Project Ideas and Rules
Spray Painting Project Ideas and Rules
Spray paint is not what it used to be. At the local home improvement store we found an entire section with dozens and dozens of spray paint options. It's an affordable way to give so many of your things a brand new look.
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Segment 2
Save Money With Frugal Organizing
Save Money With Frugal Organizing
The whole point of organizing is to get simple with the things that you own.
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Segment 3
Fighting Age Foods on a Budget
Fighting Age Foods on a Budget
Ladies, admit it, we will do just about everything to stay young. From creams, to vitamins and oils, all of this stuff adds up! You can stay healthy with a few simple age fighting foods and you don't have to break the bank doing it.
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Segment 4
Workout For Every Body Type
Workout For Every Body Type
Getting the most bang for your buck in a workout is all about targeting your body type.
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