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Shadow Boxes

A shadow box can be an inexpensive way for you to show off your precious mementos as artwork for all to see.

Quite frankly, going out there to buy art to put on your walls can get expensive and here you have these items already in your home that you can make into your own personal art. Really the key to making a shadow box frame is to tap into your creativity you've got," said Rina Chandarana John.

Rina Chandarana john, author of the blog "Glam at Home," decorates with shadow boxes. She started with her honeymoon.

"My husband and I, we visited so many different cities and one of them was Rome, which was one of my favorites. So I wanted to show that on display. I put a ticket from the Vatican museum when we went there, a picture of us two at a cafe. I also saved a lot of postcards and brochures from our trip and I wanted to display those as well. Florence was one of the favorite cities that we visited on our honeymoon so I really wanted to showcase the art and the beauty and the history there in my shadow box frame," said Rina.

Rina says a shadow box is also a great way to preserve a bride's wedding flowers.

"I like this shadow box frame because it really showcases a very special moment in my friend's life. Her big day -- her wedding day. What she was able to do was to save her bouquet and some boutonniere from the groomsman and showcase that in this frame along with the picture of her and her husband," said Rina.

Shadow box frames are sold at craft stores and they come in all different colors and sizes. Once you find the one you want, you only need a few other supplies.

"And a lot of these you might already have -- like scissors, a glue gun and then you can head to a store, like Michaels, to pick up really inexpensive and colorful papers to put in the back of the shadow box frame. You can get a paper trimmer, a cutter," said Rina.

Rina suggests using foam sheets to add depth to your box.

"Foam sheets can be used in shadow boxes to show different dimensions in your frame. So if you want something to be a little more prominent I would suggest that you use something really think and you can cut it and stack the pieces up to make it really show in the shadow box frame," she said.

The great thing about shadow boxes is, the sky is the limit.

"The main thing is to just use your creativity. Sit there and think what moments put a smile on your face. Those are the types of things that you want to put in a shadow box frame, because those are the things you are going to see on a day to day basis hanging on your wall."

Some shadow boxes come with inserts in the frame that allow you to put pictures or other items at different levels inside. This would mean you would not need foam to make it look 3D.

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