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Saving Money at the Warehouse vs. the Grocery Store

Ever wondered if you're really saving by buying in bulk at those warehouse stores? One money-saving mom compares prices at the warehouse store and grocery store and shows what to buy where to save the most money.

With a large family, money-saving blogger Tiffany Ivanovsky does a lot of shopping. She says she shops at the warehouse store about twice a month, while she ends up at the grocery store about twice a week.

So who has better prices? She did a cost comparison on 20 items her family commonly uses to reveal where the best savings can be found.

Comparing the cost of same-size items is easy, but Tiffany points out warehouse items are often larger so the comparison needs to be based on a different unit measurement, such as ounces. Dividing the total price by the amount of ounces will give you a per-ounce price necessary for determining whether the warehouse or the grocery store provided greater savings.

In Tiffany's research, half of the 20 items from the grocery store were winners, mainly due to coupon use. She says couponing at the grocery store saves shoppers roughly 50 percent, the largest savings available. She recommends non-coupon users only shop at the warehouse stores where she says they will save 25 percent on the necessities, excluding electronics and other luxury items.

What items were cheaper at the warehouse? Two big ones that stood out were Tide detergent and blueberries. Others that were less expensive at the warehouse included Chex mix, Doritos, honey wheat bread, Charmin toilet paper and Glad garbage bags.

But the grocery store also racked up some winners. Nutella for one, which Tiffany's family loves, was a grocery store win, with a coupon making it only 7 cents an ounce, compared to 40 cents an ounce at the warehouse store. Shampoo was another winner, with Tiffany getting it for only 19 cents total with a coupon. Other grocery store winners included chicken broth, Clorox wipes, Old Spice deodorant, Honey Nut Cheerios, angel hair pasta and Bounty paper towels.

To see the individual results of Tiffany's warehouse versus grocery shopping, visit her blog at
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