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Save on E-Books

Save on E-Books

If you're spending more than you'd like on e-books for your tablet or e-reader, consider a subscription service, which could offer you unlimited books for as little as $8.99 a month.

For less than the cost of one hardback or a Kindle edition, a subscription service for e-books called Scribd is giving readers access to hundreds of thousands of titles each month. The world's largest digital book library available by subscription is available for only $8.99 per month and free to sample for three months for Deals viewers with the link below.

The service allows readers to sample books to find ones they like and download up to 10 books a month for offline reading. While reading online, Scribd subscribers can switch between devices at any time. For example, a book begun on a tablet could be continued on a smartphone and then read on a laptop or desktop later.

The range of books available is wide, from classics and contemporary works to specific categories, such as DIY. Subscribers can share recommendations, comments and favorite chapters and passages through the site on social media pages to make connections with others who read the same books.

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