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Save Money on Hair Loss Treatments

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Up to 60 percent of women are dealing with hair loss, and treatments can be expensive. Here's the lowdown on treatments that work and won't hurt your wallet.

The slew of treatments on the market for hair loss range from affordable to very expensive. How do you know what's worth it and what won't work? Rachel Gower of the Upper Hand Salon gives us an inside look.

Rachel says there are 2 primary reasons women lose their hair.
1. Lifestyle - usually temporary, such as pregnancy, stress, medication and surgery.
2. Hereditary - This is more difficult to treat because it's chronic. Unfortunately, this means it's more difficult to treat.

If you can afford it, Rachel says hair transplants are a good option. However, they can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. They have worked for some, but it's not for everyone.

"Only 40 percent of women are actually good candidates and once you do have it only about 80 percent of people have seen really good results," says Rachel Gower.

For a less expensive option, many salons offer low-level laser treatments.

"It will cost several hundred dollars a month and you have to be really committed to it, you may end up being there two or three times a week," says Rachel.

To save money in the long run, you can choose an at-home laser option. One on the market is called Hairmax and costs about $300.

"You can use it from the comfort of your own home so it's really easy," says Rachel.

There are a variety of topical treatments you can find over the counter and a few prescription based treatments.

"Only a couple of them have been approved by the FDA for hair regrowth. The only topical product that has been approved for that is Minoxidyl and most people know that as Rogaine," says Rachel.

Rogaine is about $29 for roughly a 2 months' supply and has worked for many people. "To get Rogaine to work you have to be super consistent and make sure you use it exactly as directed," says Rachel.

If your hair is just beginning to thin, you can inexpensively conceal those bare spots. One option is Toppick which sells for about $35.

"What they are is magnetically charged fibers that actually cling to your hair. The cool thing is they don't come off in the rain, they are very secure," says Rachel.

But the easiest and quickest way to conceal minor thinning hair is to use a scalp concealer. They come in spray cans, compacts and powders. Essentially it's like makeup for your scalp. One example is the Joan Rivers Beauty Scalp Makeup. It retails for about $29.50 and if you know how to use eye shadow, the idea is the same.

Hair pieces are another option. Debbie Winegard says hers has changed her life.

"What happens is you begin to thin and you get a wider and wider part in your hair" says Debbie. She tried every pill, product and procedure on the market.

"That still doesn't eliminate the problem that my scalp area is so thin" says Debbie. She even tried to learn how to style her hair to appear more full at the top, but it didn't work.

Then about a year ago, Debbie was introduced to a product called Top Secret Haircessory. It's made with real human hair.

"I was very hesitant to try something like this because I don't want it to look wiggy, I don't want it to look like a toupee, I don't want it to look obvious that you are trying to disguise something" says Debbie.

But she fell in love with it!

"It just snaps right in and it's so snug, I feel like it's not going anywhere, doesn't matter if the wind is blowing or I'm not afraid I'm going to lose it," she says.

The top piece which has a clear mesh is attached to your existing hair with clips. The hair is hand tied and placed in the direction of how your hair normally falls, making it look real. The price is steep at $650. But there are similar types on the market.

"The trick with hair pieces is that it's good quality hair and real human hair," says Rachel. For Debbie, her hair piece is worth every penny because it has given her confidence back.

"I wear it every day, 365 days a year. This cost me 2 dollars a day" she says.

If you find a top piece that works for you, keep in mind that you should go to your hair stylist and have them style and trim it up so it looks as natural as possible.

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