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Save Money With Frugal Organizing

The whole point of organizing is to get simple with the things that you own.

Andrew Mellen, author of the book Unstuff Your Life, says being organized can save you money and you can do it for free.

"You can use all kinds of stuff that's already in your home," said Andrew, "Things that are destined for the recycle bin could easily have a second or third life in your home. You can use those to repurpose containers."

The key is to just look around and get creative.

"Where are some problem areas? Where are those little clutter hot spots where a container or something would be really helpful," said Andrew, "Then use your imagination. Figure out what is available and already in your home that you can quickly repurpose to corral something or create a defined space where something is going to live in your home. It doesn't cost you a penny -- you have fun doing it and it solves a really critical problem that is going to get you to the sweet spot of being organized, which is having more time for the things that really matter."

    Organization Ideas:
  • Shower Curtain Rings - Clip over the rods in your closet. You can hang belts or scarves from them.
  • Hat Rack - organize scarves and handbags.
  • Hand Gripers - use them as drawer spacers.
  • Ice Cube Trays - hold fasteners, push pins, safety pins, rubber bands, binder clips.
  • Large Salad Bowl (on stand) - use for mail sorting station.
  • Waste Paper Basket - organize wrapping paper and ribbon.
  • Mini mint container - perfect dimensions for bobby pins.
  • Shoe boxes - organize odds and ends from the home office, sewing room, craft room, kitchen, pantry.

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