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Salvage Grocery Store

Salvage grocery stores are certainly one place you can find deep discounts.

I must admit, I was initially a little leery about going to a discount food store.

"Number one, we are not a grocery store, we are a store that happens to sell groceries," said owner of Houston Discount Sales Tim Meador. "There's all kind of reasons that things come, it might be dating, that's one of the big issues today is dating, truck wrecks or a change in UPC numbers."

Tim says you can generally find saving of 50 to 90% off!

Now, since it's not technically a grocery store there's no consistency in what you'll find here, with the exception of milk, eggs and toilet tissue.

And as you heard, a lot of the products could be past the "best buy date," but how important are those dates anyway? I invited our Super Saver Erin Libranda along to help us figure out what's really a good deal and what we should pass up!

We checked out the eggs - they had two different kinds, free range organic for $1.19 which Erin said is a really good price, but they were almost a month past the best buy date.

"Some people you know, growing up a long time, ago they didn't have refrigerators and they would just have then until they used them - not a problem , but if you're a date stickler that's something you may want to stay away from," she said.

We found Dannon yogurt deeply discounted at four for $1. They were a day or two away from expiration, but Erin says you could buy them at the discounted price and freeze them.

"I think if it's a day or two past for yogurt, I think that's fine myself personally, if we're going a week to two weeks myself personally I wouldn't buy it," she said.

We found 12 count, 20oz box of shoestring potatoes for $2.70, which is about 23 cents a pack!

Erin says it's a great deal even though it's past it's expiration.

"I think anything that's a frozen item, as long as it's been maintained frozen, you can go several months past the expiration date - a lot of times companies just use that as a best buy date doesn't mean it's going to go bad," she said.

But Erin advises you stay away from anything that may have been thawed and refrozen, if it has you can often-times see a buildup of ice crystals.

We spotted some Lean Pockets 2 for $3 - that may seem like a good price, but Erin says they regularly go on sale at for $1 apiece.

"Before you come into a store like this, the things you buy normally, you should know what the average price is and what the sales price is and that way you can make an educated decision on that," she said.

Other items to watch out for: dented boxes.

"Like cereal, dry goods, pastas, rice and stuff like that - just check it you want to number one look for if the package is opened at all, if there's any little snags or tears because then you've got freshness issue," she said.

Watch out for dented and or expired canned goods, especially when you can buy them for just a cheaper if not cheaper at regular grocery stores.

And be leery of juices that don't have expiration dates - even if they are deeply discounted.

But you can load up on those holiday-themed snacks! We found red and green and black and orange chips for 50 cents a bag!

Overall, both Erin and I were impressed by the variety of items offered and we certainly found some great deals, on the flip-side, you will have to make more than one stop, since it's not a place you can complete your entire shopping list.

Here's a state by state list of Salvage Grocery Stores:

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