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Renting Outfits For Pictures

Making sure you look your best in your pictures can get expensive. Renting clothing can save you and your family a lot of money.

Misty Clow from Couture House rentals helps people look their best for everything from the prom to even a job interview.

"A lot of times we find that even when you are going in an interview if you don't have a job and you still want to look sharp - its that first impression - you can still walk out of here in a raw silk top and skirt and pair your favorite blazer or jacket with it. You look great, you feel confident. It's a $39.99 rental, you just can't beat it," said Clow.

Another big expense for families is birthday parties.

"Every mom to little girls spend so much money on birthday dresses for pictures - ones that they don't want cake on the dress. So popular here is tutu rentals. This is a popular one around Valentines and Christmas. This was really popular to do out in the bluebonnets in the spring. Also a fabulous option for a birthday. This tutu is really fun because we correspond the number of candles for the age so for example - this would be for a 3 year olds birthday. This would be for a two year old - same concept - cupcake, 2 candles, lots of fun. And this would be a more generic option without the age," said Clow. "So these are fun, affordable, $29.99 you can come in a borrow these get portraits done and bring it back."

Here's something you may not have thought of - renting outfits for family portraits.

"This is an example of a family that we dressed for their Christmas photos. Twin girls wearing the ever-fabulous fun feather girl dress so not only can we wear it for flower girls but we rent this out a lot for Easter and dress portrait sessions," said Clow. "Bring the family together - get everyone matching without spending $400 and $500 on that one-time wear outfit. This silk dress is what our client was wearing in this picture. It is handmade out of Australia. It's pure silk but she knew she certainly wouldn't be wearing it again so renting it was a fabulous option for this family."

"So the two feather girl dresses rented for $49.99 each so we dressed the two girls in those. The mom wore this simple cocktail dress rented for $49.99 and dad always has a standard suit jacket in the closet," said Clow. "So we saved this family hundreds of dollars. This mom typically would spend $200 and $300 on a Christmas dress for her daughter - twins at that - times two!"

Another way to spice up your look for less - rent the accessories to go with an outfit you already own.

"At Couture House Rentals we also carry unique and trendy heels. For every fun gown you've got to have a pair of fun pumps," said Clow. "A basic silver pump with a bow will go from daytime event to evening event very easily and, of course, our black stud we love for mostly evening events to spice up and make your dress a little more raw. Its always fun to add a little sparkly bag to spice up your dress as well."

Handbags, necklaces, belts and even shoes all rent for $9.99 each. A huge savings when you think about how much people spend jazzing up their look.

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