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Rental Accessories For Men, Work Wear Savings, Fragrant Plants, Scarf Hanger DIY

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Check out how you can save on your clothing for work. Plus, get tips for saving money on air fresheners with fragrant plants and discover a fun DIY scarf hanger that costs just a few bucks.
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Websites Offer Mens Accessories For Rent
Websites Offer Men's Accessories For Rent
Whether you're rockin a bow tie and pocket square or 3-piece classic suit, it's not cheap to be a smart dressed man. Thanks to several new e-commerce sites, renting ties and other menswear accessories are just a click away.
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Segment 2
Tips For Saving Money on Work Clothing
Tips For Saving Money on Work Clothing
Selecting something to wear to work every morning is something a lot of us seriously stress over. You want to look stylish but, office wear can be pretty pricey. Image expert and author of the book "Dress Yourself Skinny" Sarah Shah creates five looks for less that are perfect for work.
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Segment 3
Fragrant Plants As Inexpensive Air Fresheners
Fragrant Plants As Inexpensive Air Fresheners
Americans spend billions of dollars every year on air fresheners, but masking unpleasant odors doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.
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Segment 4
DIY Scarves Hanger
DIY Scarves Hanger
Kat Cosley, host of Deals, shows us how easy and inexpensive it is to make a practical and stylish hanger for your scarves.
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