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Recyclable Art

Recyclable Art

Art teacher Amy Chandler believes anyone can create beautiful art out of stuff that's already laying around the house.

"We make a lot of recycled art," said Amy, "It's rolled into this really fun adventure this year with making all different types of recycled art with everything we find. Start saving anything you can think of that you can cut up, that you can glue together, that you can tear, then go make something.

Amy's Projects:

Wine Cork Key Chains: Amy drills holes through a wine cork. She bends a piece of wire in half and puts it in the wine cork hole. On the other end of the cork, she strings a keychain to the wire and secures it. Then, she loops in buttons into the two exposed wine pieces until there is about a half an inch left. Then she twists the exposed pieces together and secures it together.

Crayon Melt Board: First, glue crayons to a canvas. Then take a heat gun (watch out it's hot!) and hold the heat gun up to the crayons. They should slowly start melting, and dripping down the canvas. Let the melted wax dry.

Rubber Stamp: Take an old wine cork and piece of foam paper. Cut out a shape (we did a heart) out of the foam paper. Glue the cut out piece to the bottom of the wine cork. you now have a stamp!

Bottle Cap Flower Pin: Cut out a flower shape, out of a piece of paper. Cut a smaller similar shape to go in the center of the larger piece. glue the two together. Put an upside down bottle cap in the center. Use hot glue to attach a pebble or small stone to the center. You can attach a safety pin or clip pin on the flower and use it to wear or around the house!

Homemade Paper Recipe:
Items needed: old paper, blender, water, wire screen, tub


  • Tear paper (from magazines, computer paper, etc) into small pieces
  • Place into the blender - about half full
  • Full blender with warm water
  • Blend until well blended (make sure no flakes of paper remain
  • Get your wire screen mold ready. You can buy this at a hobby/craft store or make one using fiberglass screen over a frame
  • Fill a tub about half way with water, add 3 blender loads of pulp and stir
  • Place the mold into the pulp and then level it out while it is under water. Gently move it around until the screen looks even
  • Lift up out of water and let water drip off
  • Move mold to a fabric square (this can be an old shirt, anything)
  • Slowly remove the mold
  • You can allow to dry on newspaper or hang it to dry
  • When it has dried (at least 24 hours) pull from the fabric and you should have paper!

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