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Traditionally buying organic fruits and vegetables can be pretty pricey -- unless you get them wholesale.

"We're actually a co-op -- the best way to describe what a co-op is, it's like a community buying club for organic and local produce," said Kristina Carrilo-Bucaram, from Rawfully Organic.

"Let's go check out," said Laura Whitley. "I'm certain that when I go to the grocery store if I were to buy everything that's in that box, I'd spend way more than roughly $45."

Mother of three, Laura Whitley, buys a "full share" for $87 and divides the bounty with her neighbor.

"Every dollar counts as far as I'm concerned so finding a friend or neighbor to split something like this, your savings just increased again just by that much more," said Laura.

She estimates her portion lasts her family of five nearly two weeks.

"I don't make as many visits to the grocery store. I really rely on the produce items I get from the co-op and my bulk food items - and that's most of the shopping that I do," said Laura.

The full share comes with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

It is a concept that's catching on nation-wide.

"There are co-ops all over. It is specifically a raw-vegan organic produce co-op that tends to focus on local but you can find any type of co-op anywhere," said Kristina.

Saving money was at the top of the list when Kristina Carrilo-Bucaram, who is a raw-foodist, started her co-op, called Rawfully Organic.

"I was in college at the time so I couldn't really afford to eat any fruits and vegetables, much less organic," said Kristina. "We were going to Whole Foods and spending $500 a week - we now spend $180 for all five of us."

"I started it with 12 people in my living room," said Kristina. "It's now a multi-million dollar non-profit. It has over 4,500 members."

It's completely run by volunteers and every dollar spent goes directly back to the farmers from which the produce was purchased.

"So what we do is buy from organic and local farmers and we split it up so we can all get the case wholesale cost," said Kristina. "Everything is preordered so we know exactly how much to order."

"To be able to eat organic at a reasonable price is almost too good to be true," said Laura.

To learn more about rawfully organic and get recipes visit

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