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Quick Cardio

Quick Cardio

You may not think of lunges and squats as hard core, calorie busting routines, but personal trainer Ryan Kobermann says think again!

Ryan says you don't need equipment, like elliptical machines and treadmills! If you don't have the money to join a gym, he says you can still get the same results.

Leg Matrix
24 air squats
24 lunges alternating back and forth
48 split jumps - you split jump back and forth - 24 on each leg.
24 jump squats

You'll want to time yourself. When you're done, rest for double the amount of time it took to complete.

"So doing these short bursts, what we call high intensity interval training - type cardio movements you're going to be more effective at weight loss and fat loss and be a lot happier with your results than having to get on the cardio machine for 30-40 minutes and just burning enough calories where as soon as you get off the treadmill you stop burning calories," Ryan said.

Squat Series:
20 seconds of jump squats
20 seconds of air squats
30 seconds of isometric squat

Then you rest and do it two or three more times.

300 (named for amount of reps you perform):
15 inverted row
25 Air Squat
15 pushup
50 jump jacks
20 mountain climbers
10 close grip pushup
15 inverted rows

Do the series without stopping and repeat one more time for a total of two with as little rest as possible.

Ryan recommends you do 30 minutes of cardio at least five days a week and make sure to incorporate resistance training.

"The biggest thing is you need to have a great foundation in your nutrition, if you can work nutrition and exercise together you'll be able to get that foundation," he said.

He also suggests getting a workout partner to help keep you accountable and don't forget to track your progress - make sure you are doing a little more each time!

For more information on Ryan or his company -- ESN Health -- visit

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