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Professional Cake Decorating At Home

If you've seen TLC's "The Next Great Baker," then you know who Dana Herbert is! He's currently the reigning champ of Buddy Valastro's show which pits 10 up and coming bakers against each other, challenging them to create amazing cakes, like the masterpieces Buddy is so known for, to see who will be the next great baker.

Dana has some tips for decorating cakes that "wow" without breaking the bank!

1. Learn how to pipe a little bit - piping goes a long way. He recommends getting piping bags. He buys his from Wilton bags.

2. Use different tips for a variety of results. He uses a #4 tip to make a shell border. You simply squeeze and release. Watch the video for more detailed instructions. You can use the bag with a small tip to write a message on your cake.

3. Use a turn table to help you decorate your cake.

4. If you mess up, don't panic! Dana says you can go back over it or just alter your design.

5. If you're a little more advanced - you can try your hand at stringing.

Tips for decorating a fondant cake:

1. Roll out the fondant. Try to make it as thin as possible. Use either powdered sugar or corn starch to dust your surface so the fondant doesn't stick.

2. You can cut little polka dots out of the fondant.

3. Add the dots to your cake. If they don't stick, Dana says just spritz the icing with a little water!

4. Sprinkle in some black and gold pearl beads to add color.

5. Add disco dust. All it really does is add a shine.

For more information about Dana and his designs, check out his website

TLC's "The Next Great Baker" is currently in its second season. For more information visit tlc.howstuffworks.comr.


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