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Produce New Life

You pick the perfect produce. It's fresh, firm, and tasty. But then a few days or maybe a week later it starts getting a little less than perfect. Don't toss it out just yet! Get a few recipes for your wilting producing.

You can save money by getting creative with the produce you have.

Gwen Marzano, with Whole Foods Market, says "over ripe" produce doesn't have to go to waste.

"Here at Whole Foods Market, we sell the highest quality, freshest produce available. But sometimes you get home and forget about it, and it's not at its peak ripeness or freshness anymore, there's still many ways to utilize it a variety of recipes," said Gwen.

Wilted Spinach with Lemon and Pine Nuts
Basic Marinara Sauce
Oaxaca-Style Guacamole
Double Green Smoothie
Summer Salad with Peach-Walnut Dressing

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