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Pillow Talk

We all know pillows are great accents to our couches and chairs, but when do you have too many and how do you find a really good quality pillow for less?

We enlisted the help of designer Angela Lee to lead our "Pillow Talk!"

"There's really no true rule to pillows," Angela says.

"When I think about accent pillows I think about enhancing whatever piece of furniture you have - whether it's a sofa or occasional chair or even a bed."

"Really, when you walk into a space and see a sofa, you don't really pay attention to what the sofa style is you mainly see what the pillows look like," she said.

Generally, two pillows in each corner and the middle are plenty!

"If you're going to have people constantly sitting on the sofa you still want to enhance the sofa, but a the same time make it user friendly which is very important, now if it's in a formal living room, I say pillows everywhere," she said.

When choosing pillows, Angela says make sure they compliment not only each other, but the sofa it's sitting on.

Angela also mixes sizes and textures, using faux silk and suede, which helps keep costs down.

"You have several types of stores that allow you to go in and allow you to buy affordable pillows now," Angela said. "You should really look at the construction of the pillow if it has cording on it, the feel of the pillow and of course the fabric, the fabric really determines the quality of the pillow." "If the insert is worn you can switch it out and having the zipper gives you the flexibility to change it out," she said.

Pillows with a pattern on just one side is a great option, Angela says it's like two pillows in one!

No matter how much you spend, you can give it that "designer look" following these simple tricks!

"You'll see a lot of designers do this - that's kind of our signature thing that we do, you can only do that with down pillows," Angela said showing us how to crease the pillow down the middle using her hand.

"This pillow was only $12.99, but we certainly wouldn't want people to know it cost $12.99, so what I usually recommend is cutting the tag off and I wouldn't use scissors," she said.

Use a razor instead to get as close to the fabric as possible giving it a clean look.

Angela says many fabric and interior design stores offer deep discounts on material. If you know how to sew, this could be another great way to save money!

"Look at this fabric, it's originally $22.99 and now it's $7.99 which is a great price point," she said. "It doesn't have to be real silk, it can be a faux silk which looks absolutely great." "There are so many affordable fabrics out there that are right in the middle that can still give you a designer look," she said.

Check out her website to learn more about her creative designs --

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