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Picking 101, DIY Condiments, Saving Wine, Ink Refill, Prop Rental

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Learn how to make your own condiments and get tips for saving wine. Plus, get more on picking the right items at thrift stores. And, you don't have to throw out your leftover wine -- get tips for storing opened wine. Finally, find out how to save money with prop rentals for all occasions!
Segment 1
Picking 101: Finding Treasures at Thrift Stores
Picking 101: Finding Treasures at Thrift Stores
Extreme Home Makeover designer Tracy Hudson has some tips for picking treasures at thrift and antique stores. Once you get the hang of it, you'll not only save money, but have one-of-a-kind custom pieces!
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Segment 2
Homemade Condiments
Homemade Condiments
Condiments, like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, are our go-to items in our fridge. We know grabbing them at the grocery has its advantages but so does whipping up your own batch at home.
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Segment 3
Saving Wine
Saving Wine
After you've opened a bottle of wine, you only have a short window before it goes bad, right? Well, maybe not. We've un-corked three unique tips to help preserve your wine and in the end, save some money.
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Segment 4
Ink Refill
Ink Refill
When your ink cartridge runs dry, instead of buying a new one there's a much cheaper alternative!
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Segment 5
Prop Rentals
Prop Rentals
Kirbi Knope and Tina Sanford's collection of antiques led them to create "A Style Collective," a unique prop rental and event styling company.
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