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Petroleum Jelly Uses

The Coupon Contessa, Nora Kapche, has discovered some real money saving solutions, thanks to Petroleum Jelly.

"It's originally made to heal dry skin, to help prevent minor cuts and burns from wind burns and protects the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it's cheap! It's so inexpensive!! If we can use it for so many other different things, then why not?!"

  • Use it to remove gum from under the table. After the gum is gone, put more on the table to keep gum from sticking in the future.

  • Shoe shine for leather

  • Put on dog bowl to stop ants from getting in

  • Prevention from rust. Put on bikes, tools, etc

  • Put on candle holders to protect from wax sticking

  • Put around top of nail polish to keep it from sticking

  • Fix a stuck key by putting on key, putting into lock and from then on it will go in easier

  • Fridge rack helper - put on the inside of the rack to help it move with ease

  • Use to help unclog toilet

  • Add to moisturizer to help it last longer

  • Help extend the life of your perfume by putting petroleum jelly on your arm before applying the perfume

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