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Paint a Rug, DIY Mani's, Dry Shampoo, Meals to Go, Custom Baby Dolls

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Learn how to transform a boring rug into a work of art! Plus, get tips for doing your own manicures at home and a DIY recipe for dry shampoo. And, discover how much cheaper and easier it is to replace prepackaged meals with ones you make yourself.
Segment 1
Paint a Rug
Paint a Rug
Are you looking to spruce up your living room? Try painting a rug for a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for the floor.
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Segment 2
One-Minute Mani
One-Minute Mani
Don't have time or money for a manicure? Do it yourself using many ingredients you have on-hand! Kat Cosley, host of Deals, shares some homemade hand and nail treatment recipes.
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Segment 3
Dry Shampoo Tested
Dry Shampoo Tested
The market is flooded with dozens of new dry shampoo products. Some are pricey, costing as much as 40 bucks a pop, while others are as little as $3. So we put several to the test! Plus, get a recipe for homemade dry shampoo.
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Segment 4
Meals To Go
Meals To Go
Discover how cheap and easy it is to replace prepackaged meals with ones you make yourself.
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Segment 5
Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls
It's something on every little girl's wish list; a custom doll designed to look like them. These dolls could cost you a hundred bucks and up! But there is a cheaper way to do it yourself.
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