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Find out how to add new life to your home with a few DIY paint projects. And, get tips for shopping the clearance rack. Plus, learn a few food saving tricks that will save you money and check out how we helped one man get out of debt.
Segment 1
Paint Projects
Paint Projects
Home Depot's Cindy Clotheir says paint, in any form, is one of the least expensive ways to add new life to existing rooms and furniture or to create new projects!
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Segment 2
Clearance Rack Finds
Clearance Rack Finds
Frugal Fashionista Beth Newman says shopping the clearance rack is a great way to keep up with what is trendy without spending a lot of money.
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Segment 3
Financially Fit
Financially Fit
Up to 40 percent of American households spend more money annually than they make. It's exhausting to keep tightening the belt.
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Segment 4
Food Saver Fun
Food Saver Fun
The kids want it so we buy it. From yogurt-to-go to fruit mixes in a single serve pack, these family favorites can get pretty pricey!
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