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Many Uses For Olive Oil

Olive oil is not just for the kitchen! From using it as a moisturizer to polishing your furniture, find out why it's useful for many reasons.

"There are so many other things you can do with olive oil. You can't even imagine," said Sherry Eichberger.

Sherry Eichberger, with the store "One Green Street", uses Texas Hill Country olive oil all over the house. First, in the bathroom.

"You ever feel like you don't get a very close shave when you use your everyday shaver. Try olive oil," advises Sherry. "Just put a little bit of olive oil up and down your legs, or wherever you need to shave, and you'll get the closest, smoothest, shave."

"Have you ever needed to take your eye makeup off after a long day and you realize you're out of your eye makeup remover? This is another great time for you to grab just, just a tinge of olive oil and rub it underneath your eye, and easily your eye makeup comes off. It's wonderful, and also very moisturizing to your skin," said Sherry.

And, olive oil is also great for the skin.

"We all have our favorite lotions and our moisturizers when we get out of the shower, we love to slather them all over bodies. It can be kind of expensive actually. A little olive oil, put a little bit, keep a little jar in your bathroom, and when you get out of the shower, just rub a little olive oil," said Sherry. "It's natural, it's healthy, it's moisturizing, try it, you'll be surprised how good you feel."

You can also massage olive oil into your nails to help soften your cuticles. And, while you are rubbing it on your hands, you might as well grab a towel and get to work!

"Do you have tons of different products under your sink? Some for dusting, some for waxing, some for cleaning. Olive oil does so many things; it'll even dust and clean your wooden furniture," said Sherry, "Just put a little bit on a cloth, rub it over your furniture, you get a beautiful lustrous shine at half the costs of some of the other products you've been using."

"Stainless steel can be really difficult to get cleaned and shined, what products do you use? Well look no further but your cabinet or your pantry and get your olive oil out and sine your stainless steel, you'd be surprised how shiny and how easy it is to spruce up that stainless steel, said Sherry. "You'd be surprised how shiny your stainless steel can be and how beautiful it can look with just a touch of olive oil."

And, how many times has your zipper gotten stuck at just the wrong time?

"Get a little bit of olive oil and a Q-tip, rub it up and down on your zipper, and it'll loosen it up so that it'll go freely up and down and you're out the door, ready for that special appointment or date.

Sherry says you can also add a thin coat of olive oil to the inside of your candle holders. Melted wax peels away with ease. And the uses don't stop there.

"Do you have a cat that is constantly coughing up hairballs, just a quarter teaspoon of olive oil in their food can prevent that from happening. Can you imagine hairball-free cats? It's a wonderful thing, plus olive oil is full of omega three, six, and nine, so their joints get lubricated, their fur and their hair looks more beautiful," said Sherry. "It's just wonderful, just a dab will do you in their cat food."

"Just put your little one to sleep and you're tiptoeing backwards out of their room. That squeaky door can just be a pain. Up comes your little one, and you're back in the room. How about spreading a little bit of olive oil with a cloth on those squeaky hinges and you can tiptoe out, and your little one falls asleep, and you're good to go."

Other uses for olive oil:

  • Shoe polish: Rub down your shoes with a spray of olive oil - helps maintain the shine
  • Garden Tool Cleaner: Put olive oil on your garden tools to cut down on dirt buildup
  • Other Leather Uses - Rub olive oil into old leather - like a baseball glove. Let it soak in for 30 minutes, then wipe it away.
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