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New Ways to Use WD-40

Don't let that can of WD-40 sit in the garage. Here's a unique list of ways you can use it all around the house to simplify everyday tasks.

WD-40 has tons of household uses! Here are some of the ways you can use it all over your house, from Andrea Campbell, blogger at Just a Busy Mom. WD-40 is great for cleaning, especially when it comes to sticky stuff. Use it for:
  • Gum Removal
  • Clean old coins
  • Get sticker adhesive off
  • Bring a rusted tool back to life
  • Keep zippers from catching (spray on a piece of cloth for this one; don't get the WD-40 on your material!)
  • Revive old cookie sheets
One idea you wouldn't have thought of? Arts and crafts! Spray designs on construction paper and let dry. Tape to a window for a creative DIY stained glass effect.

Before you start spraying WD-40 on just anything, here's an important thing to remember.

"Just like with anything else you're trying at home, you've got to be careful. It is flammable, it is a chemical, you have to be careful when using it around children, and it's oily so it can get on some fabrics and ruin material" advises Andrea. "Just take caution and have fun and experiment!"

We got these ideas on the WD-40 website.

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