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Navigating the Grocery Store

The Grocery Game's Teri Gault is an expert at saving money. Teri says no matter where you shop, you should know your way around. Navigating the grocery store can help save you money.

Always grab the store's sale ad when you walk in. From there, here are a few of Teri's rules.

Tip One: Skip the displays at the front of the store.

"As you come in the door you're assured you'll see a big display which is actually prime real estate and it's not always the best deal," said Teri.

Teri shows us apples at the front of the store. Cheaper apples featured in the sale ad are in the back of the produce department. Teri says customers in a hurry and not paying attention sometimes grab the wrong item and end up paying more.

Tip Two: Watch the placement of the sale signs.

"As you are navigating your way through the store you are gravitating towards the beautiful sale signs, who couldn't love 88 cents for nectarines or peaches, but be aware, sometimes they have cross promotions coming on. Here the plums are $1.68 a pound."

So if you are not careful, you could grab the wrong item.

Tip three: Organic *may* be best deal.

"When you hit the produce section you'll notice usually there's the conventional produce and the organic produce and always look in the organic department because I've seen many times when the organic version is on sale for less than the conventional and you don't want to miss that."

We found organic broccoli on sale, and cheaper than the "regular" broccoli.

Tip Four: Location is key to saving money.

"There's actually two locations to find cheese in the supermarket. One here is the gourmet section. Here's some cheddar. I'm going to tell you, this will cost you three times as much as if you go to the regular cheese case across on the other end of the store. So, be aware, location does matter on price."

The location rule goes for meat, too.

"When we are saving on meat the first thing you can do every week is buy that big picture. We are looking at $2.99 a pound, but there's a problem. When you enter the meat department there's usually two places to find meat. There's this is not the 2.99 look, its top sirloin. The deal we are looking for is over there on the other side. and that's where we will find it."

Tip five: Make sure you check the wording.

We found two signs both saying "top sirloin steak" , but the prices are much different.

Tip Six: stop at the end of the aisles.

"When you are looking for the best deals, sometimes you have a coupon or you are looking for the sale and you can't find it. Turns out, it actually is here on the end cap. End caps are not always guaranteed to be the best deals but in this instance, the very best thing I was looking for is right here. They are a great price and they even have coupons to go with it -- so I'm grabbing them," said Teri.

From one side of the store to the other,Teri says navigating your grocery store pays off.

"At the end of the year the average savings being about $6,000 for a family of four and that's just normal every day people saving money on groceries. I could use $6,000 at the end of my year!"

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