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Monster PBJ Shares Secret Recipe

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There are food trucks popping up all over the place. Kat Cosley, host of Deals, checked out Houston's Monster PBJ, which specializes in the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches around. They share their secret recipe for chocolate almond butter!

Monster PBJ doesn't serve your average peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Their nut butter is made fresh with just nuts. There are no preservatives with no salt or sugar added.

Owner Jill Butler says nut butters are very simple and inexpensive to make at home. She is allowing her chefs to share one of their secret recipes for ChocoMonsterlicious Almond Butter.

Monster PBJ's tasty chocolate almond butter takes healthy almonds and the temptation of chocolate to make a phenomenal creation between two pieces of bread.

"Basically you are taking your two best things, you have got your almonds and your little temptation of chocolate," said Jake Thron, chef.

Adults will like what they call "The En Fuego," which is a secret recipe that adds spice without interfering with the flavor too much.

The secret weapon to make the Monsterlicious PBJ sandwich is to grill it. They leave it on for about 45 seconds. This warm and toasty sandwich will definitely take you back to childhood. It's nostalgic, but also very nutritious for adults.

"We do try to make sure it appeals to everyone in the family and not just kids," said Jill Butler.

Jill started the food truck with her boyfriend almost two years ago. After being diagnosed with breast cancer she decided to get healthier and going vegan was something they both wanted to do.

"When we did that, we realized there weren't a whole lot of places to eat out," Jill said. "We were limited in our food choices and there even fewer food trucks."

And, then Monster PBJ was born. It's fast, affordable and can be customized by adding different fruits with all kinds of different breads.

The Monster Monster PBJ sandwich:
Three slices of bread
Cashew butter, which is a little thicker than peanut butter and it's not as oily a nut
Blueberry jam
Apple slices
Secret spicy 'En Fuego' sauce

They add the cashew butter, jam and apple slices to the two slices of bread. The third slice gets the spicy sauce. Then, the Monster team grills the sandwich to heat it all the way through.

"Every single day I wake up excited," John said. "I get to see happy faces."

Click here for Monster PBJ's recipe for ChocoMonsterlicious Almond Butter.

For more information on Monster PBJ visit

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