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Monster PBJ, Easy DIY Kids Toys, Extend Produce Life, Workout Apps

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Learn how to make your own toys for kids using items from your home. Plus, get a recipe for chocolate almond butter from a food truck chef that makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And, see how to extend the life of your produce and get the latest workout apps.
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Monster PBJ Shares Secret Recipe
Monster PBJ Shares Secret Recipe
There are food trucks popping up all over the place. Kat Cosley, host of Deals, checked out Houston's Monster PBJ, which specializes in the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches around. They share their secret recipe for chocolate almond butter!
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Easy DIY Kids Toys and Crafts
Easy DIY Kids Toys and Crafts
Keep the kids busy with these toys and crafts that you can easily make on your own. And the best part is you probably already own all the items you need for the DIY projects.
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Extend the Life of Produce
Extend the Life of Produce
Keeping your produce fresh can be a challenge. Following some simple tips could help extend the life of some of your favorite fruits and vegetables, including onions, strawberries, potatoes and bananas.
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Workout Apps
Workout Apps
You don't have to pay an expensive gym membership to get in a good workout thanks to the many free and low-cost Smart Phone apps on the market.
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