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Men's Resale

When it comes to clothing resale, men and women are not created equal.

"With men's fashion, it's pretty classic. You have the suit, tie, button up shirts or polo shirts, it doesn't really deviate too far to the extreme," said Kristina Nguyen, with Men's Resale by the Village.

Ladies often have a time limit on our clothing resale value because our fashion looks are constantly evolving. Kristina Nguyen says it's rare to see dramatic changes in men's styles, which means when it comes to resale, even older items are desirable.

"Which comes in handy when it comes to men or clients cleaning out their closet," said Kristina.

Men's consignment shop work the same as women's.

"We suggest that you look for clothing that is one season ahead. So for example, if it's currently fall, then start looking for spring clothing and bring that in," said Kristina, "All sorts of clothing and let's say it has to be gently worn and they have to be clean and on a hanger. We do keep it for 90 days but the prices are marked down every 30 days. If the item is sold, they get 40 percent."

But, resale is not just about making money.

"A great way to save money is to shop at resale consignment stores. You can save up to 75% off of high designer brands. An example of the designer labels that we carry is Prada. Such as this shirt right here is a Prada shirt. The suggested retail price is $400 and it is $95 here. Other name brands that we have include Gucci, Zegna, Hugo boss, Ferragamo."

Need a suit?

"It is a Zegna suit. It usually goes for $2,500 and here it is $299. It's in good condition, the pants are brand new. It doesn't have any damage to it. Good bargain here."

Ties are a steal at only $6 to $10. And, they have designer cuff links.

"This one is from Tiffany and Co.

, this one is from David Yurman. Both start off at roughly $400, and here it's $99."

They also carry more casual looks.

"We also carry leather jackets, such as this one here. As you can see it's Gianni Versace. The retail price is $2,000 and here it is $450."

The have slacks and pants with their original tags still on them.

"We have a lot of dress slacks," said Kristina, "They are from department stores such as Macy's, Dillards and Nordstrom. They range from $10 to $25. Behind me we have khaki pants. For example, you can get a pair of Dockers here for $8. That's a good deal."

"We have a lot of denim here. These are Levi's. At the department store they usually go for $50 - here at Men's resale by the Village, they go for $16.99," said Kristina.

And, don't forget the shoes.

"Colehaan's usually go for $99 up to $200. This pair right here is only $30.99. We also take in sneakers. With sneakers they have to be almost brand new. Here we have the Pumas. They are going for $30.99. The retail price is $79 to $100," said Kristina.

So, before buying new, consider resale.

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