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Make this Gourmet Restaurant Meal at Home for Under $10

Fine dining without leaving your home! Here's how to make a gourmet meal for four that's under $10 total with this recipe for Chicken Milanese, sauteed green beans, garlic mashed potatoes with a homemade sauce.

"We're gonna make a beautiful meal that everyone will love, that won't take a lot of time and the best part, for $9.52!" says Joey Galluzzi of the Brooklyn Meatball Company.

Joey's budget gourmet menu: Chicken Milanese, Fresh Sauteed Green Beans and Garlic Mashed Potato. Make this delicious meal for four for less than the cost of a single entree at an average restaurant with these great recipes:

What makes this easy recipe so delicious? Joey says the lactic acid in the milk and acid from the lemon juice makes the chicken more tender and flavorful. The egg acts and a binding agent for the bread crumbs.

Remember to wash your hands after handling raw chicken.

To make it really feel gourmet, it has to look great, too. Here are Joey's tips on how to put your plate together to give it that four-star restuarant flair:

1. Start with the potatoes. Use a pastry bag or snip the end of a Ziploc baggie off. Put the potatoes in the bag and plate by making a spiral movement squeezing from the top of the bag.

2. Next, take your green beans and put them behind the potatoes.

3. Our chicken is next. Rest it on the side of the potatoes.

4. Using your garnish, sprinkle the parsley and tomato on top of the whole dish. Just enough for color and flavor.

5. Now for the fun part. Using a little of the homemade sauce, use a one ounce ladle and drizzle around the front of the meat and around the sides of the plate.

Voila! Gourmet at home for less than $10. You may even have enough left over for lunch the next day!

For more from Joey, like Brooklyn Meatball Company on Facebook.

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