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Low-Cost Gardening with Trendy Succulents

Low-Cost Gardening with Trendy Succulents

Learn about a garden trend that won't empty your wallet - succulents. Here's how to use these easy, low-maintenance plants in your home.

You can get more for your garden buck with succulents. The cactus-like plants can really spruce up your home, and they are really low maintenance which is good for people who don't have a green thumb.

Succulents are one of the hottest gardening trends right now. Designers are using them in patios, on tables and in containers both big and small. The plants are even being used in bridal bouquets, as table decorations and on wedding cakes.

Beverly Welch with the Arbor Gate says the plant has become a gardening favorite with her customers.

"It is a plant that would be suitable to anybody's landscape and even if they have a small home they are great in containers," she says.

Succulents have thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems. Not all the plants are related botanically, but all do well in low-moisture environments.

"They are very drought and heat tolerant," she says. "They thrive on neglect."

Beverly says succulents have a stunning range of textures which makes them so popular, as well as their low price tag - starting at just $2.99 a plant. They're also evergreen.

"Even if they damage, they do return each year, so they're wonderful," says Beverly.

The most popular way to plant succulents is in pots, but you don't need a deep container since the roots don't need much room. Beverly suggests you choose something shallow and wide to display an assortment and allow for proper drainage.

"The main requirement is not to overwater them," she said.

Another way to plan succulents is to combine them with other plants that have similar water and light requirements.

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