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Leftover Garden

Did you know you could grow a garden with your leftover food? Our Super Saver Erin Libranda's been doing it for years!

Here are some that she's had success with:

Potatoes: When they start growing eyes - cut that portion off and plant it in the ground with the "eye" or root facing up.

Erin says they will be small to begin with, but will produce edible potatoes in about 60 days. "I'm going to end up having four to five plants and the way I'm going to plant it we'll probably get 100 pounds per each plant," Erin says. "Most people would plant it and have one plant, but by adding dirt to it and building the mound up, the potato plant is growing up so every time it grows up it shoots out more potatoes. By the end of the summer we'll probably average 100 pounds per potato plant."

Bell Peppers: Save the seeds and plant them. Sometimes Erin uses an egg carton first to get the plant to start blooming before she plants it in the ground. Within 10 days she says you should have small plants and in two months you'll have edible peppers.

Follow the same directions with watermelon and cantaloupe.

Chives: Erin says this is one of the easiest things to grow. After snipping the top she puts the root in some water and they'll start growing again. You can plant them in the ground, but Erin keeps her plant by the sink. You do want to make sure to change the water frequently.

Peas: Save the peapod and let them dry out. Then plant them!

With any garden, it's important to start with good soil, which will initially take some money. She saves money by composting kitchen scraps and uses that to put nutrients back in the soil. Erin estimates a savings of about $300 with her leftover garden!

For more information on Super Saver Erin Libranda visit her Facebook page at


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