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Outdoor Shopping Venue, Deck Makeover, DIY Wipes, Hair Color, Kids Crafts

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Discover big savings at the country's largest outdoor shopping venue! Plus, learn how to maintain your deck and make your own baby wipes. And, check out a few crafts that your kids will be begging to try!
Segment 1
Canton: Largest Outdoor Shopping Venue
Canton: Largest Outdoor Shopping Venue
It's the oldest and the biggest outdoor market in the United States. Canton, Texas, may be one of the best kept shopping secrets in the country.
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Segment 2
Deck Makeover
Deck Makeover
It's a place to hang out with friends or enjoy the nice weather, but if you don't take proper care of your deck, it can go downhill pretty quickly.
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Segment 3
DIY Wipes
DIY Wipes
After 13 years of marriage, Courtney Fowler and her husband Josh made the decision to expand their family. But the addition to their family has put a strain on their finances. To save money, the couple makes their own cleaning and baby wipes.
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Segment 4
Out of Box Hair Color
Out of Box Hair Color
If you love to color your hair, but hate the expensive price tag at the salon, here's an option that just might fit your budget.
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Segment 5
Kids Crafts
Kids Crafts
If you're kids are always complaining how bored they are, this one's for you. Making crafts at home is easy and budget friendly. Check out a few unique crafts your kids will be begging to try!
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