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Just Say No: Stop Impulse Shopping

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We've all done it. You go to the store, see something you really want and end up spending way too much money. Those impulse buys can really cost you. So how do you tell yourself no? We asked the experts.

UH Associate Professor Vanessa Patrick studied ways to help consumers effectively say 'no' and mean it.

"I don't think she's ever been to target or Wal-Mart before," said Drew, shopper.

She has and says with practice you can say 'no' there, too. First, Patrick says you must change your words.

"What we suggest that instead of using "I can't" that you actually frame your refusal using the words "I don't." I don't signals empowerment. It says, 'I'm in the drivers seat. I'm in control.'"

"If you tell yourself, 'Hey I don't make impulse buys, I don't buy stuff unless there's a special occassion, or I don't spend more than $50 at the mall,' it will work."

Next, she says know your weakness.

"Once you figure out what those areas are, set some sort of budget, limits and say 'I don't' do stuff beyond this."

Then, take a stand.

"You have to be firm, you have to believe it, they are not words that work just because you say the words, they are words that work because you really want them to work."

Lastly, Patrick says it won't hurt to rehearse.

"It helps to kind of rehearse the strategy to kind of tell yourself that you know this is me, 'I don't want to do this.'"

Drew Hollingshead plans to try it but worries.

"It's easier said than done, said Drew.

"Yes absolutely. It's simple but sometimes the best strategies are simple," said Patrick.

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