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How to Repair Hardwood Floors for Less

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Got scratches in your hardwood floors but don't want to spend the money to refinish them? Here's how to repair those scratches for less with our easy DIY tips.

We love our hardwood floors and we do our best to protect them, but things happen! Whether it's scuffs, scratches or just lack of upkeep, hardwood floors are actually quite easy to keep looking new on a budget. Here are a few ideas from Richard Connor, Event Manager at The Lasker Inn.

To Bring Back Shine: Minwax High Gloss Reviver
Clean the floors with a wood cleaning agent like Minwax High Gloss Reviver. It puts the shine back on top of the wood. Use a rag to apply any of the Reviver products. A bottle is roughly $20, but is an inexpensive investment in the long run.

To Fix Scratches: MinWax Express Color & Stain Finish
One tube costs around $5. It works miracles at covering scratches.

To Polish Floors: Bone Floor Finishing Polish
It costs less than Minwax, but it's not as glossy.

To Remove Scuffs: DIY Scuff Paste
Mix water and baking soda into a paste. Rub gently with a wet sponge and the scuff should come out.
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