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How Healthy is Your Home? Take our Quiz

How Healthy is Your Home? Take our Quiz

A clean home is like a fortress protecting your family from all kinds of germs. It can help save you money by spending less on cold and allergy medications if you keep it that way! Do you know where germs are lurking? Find out with our quiz.

Professional Organizer, Julie Hibbs, tests us to find our our clean house IQ and teach us how to keep germs at bay during cold and flu season.

"We spend a lot of money each year on allergy medicines, cold medicines, and especially when small kids get sick," says Julie.

Julie says a clean home saves you money, but do you know what really needs cleaning? Take her quiz.

Q. We all know that E. coli and salmonella are problems when handling meats. But what about when you're handling vegetables and fruits? True or False?

A. True - In the grocery store, the misting system will often have bacteria growing in the spouts where the water comes out. And it will cross contaminate if you use the same cutting boards without washing it. So be sure to clean your cutting boards and knife after cutting each vegetable.

Q. Which of these 3 products poses the biggest risk of staph?

A. Cutting board
B. Toothbrush
C. Pet toys

A. Pet Toys - They are a huge source and staph and mold and a host of other bacteria. So it's an easy fix. Hard toys are easy to clean. Throw them in the sink with a light Clorox bleach solution. Make sure you do a thorough rinsing when finished. And the soft toys you can just add throw in your washing machine and add a little Clorox there as well.

Q. Which do you think is the germiest?

A. Your water dispenser
B. Your cutlery tray
C. A pizza cutter

A. Water dispenser - This is a breeding ground for yeast and mold. Easy fix, once a month take out your ice tray wash it with soap and water, dry it with a clean towel, put it back in. Take a Q-tip and clean the little dispenser tip at the base where the water comes out. For a heavier duty clean, twice a year, add 3-4 cups of white vinegar to the water supply system. Let it flush through the ice a few cycles and you're good to go!

Q. You've just changed the sheets on your bed; how often should you wash them?

A. Once a month
B. Once a week
C. When someone gets sick

A. Once a week - It's a tricky one because you also want to change your sheets when someone is sick. Wash them on the hottest temperature possible and that'll kill all the bacteria.

Q. How often should you clean your kitchen sponge?

A. Once a day
B. Once a week
C. Once a month

A. Once a day - Sponges are a breeding ground for germs. And cleaning them is a cinch. Heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it is going to get it so hot that it will kill all the germs. Don't worry; the sponge isn't too hot to handle after those 2 minutes. You should toss your sponge after two weeks and bring in a new one.

"I have been organizing homes for 14 years and I can definitely say a clean and healthy home save you money" says Julie.

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