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Household Hints, DIY Long-Wearing Nail Polish, Reuse Old Yoga Mats, Jewelry Box Diving

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Get helpful household hints that will save you money. And, we test out a few do-it-yourself, long-lasting nail polishes and we discover that there are more uses for a yoga mat than just at the gym. Plus, we learn how to transform a few pieces of clothing with old jewelry.
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Household Hints To Save Money
Household Hints To Save Money
Get double duty out of things you have laying around the house. Helpful homemaker, Tish Otten, says old toilet paper rolls, rubber bands and even nail polish can do the trick!
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Nail It: DIY Long-Wearing Polish
Nail It: DIY Long-Wearing Polish
Long-wear nail polish has gone main-stream! You no longer have to go do the salon or shell out $30 or more to get those polishes that will last up to two weeks or more. We narrowed it down to four different brands and types of long-wear products to try out.
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Creative Ways To Reuse Old Yoga Mats
Creative Ways To Reuse Old Yoga Mats
Is your yoga mat tired and worn out? If so, don't toss it. There are so many ways to give it new life. Rachel Good, owner of the "Bar Method Studio," has used yoga mats for years and has thought up some creative ways to save money using them.
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Jewelry Box Diving Creates Fashionable Looks
Jewelry Box Diving Creates Fashionable Looks
Strapped for cash, Kristen Turner says she had to get creative to keep up with her fashion loving ways. So she started crafting, and created a website loaded with DIY projects.
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