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House Party, Old Window-New Look, Memo Board Diy, Anti-Age DIY, Store Brands, Teri Gault, Grocery Game

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Check out how you can get free stuff just for hosting a House Party! Plus, learn how to turn an old window into a beautiful white board! And, get a few DIY anti-aging treatment recipes that you can make at home.
Segment 1
Get Free Stuff For Hosting House Party
Get Free Stuff For Hosting House Party
In the 50's Tupperware parties were exploding -- ultimately empowering women around the world. Fast forward about 10 years and Mary Kay began painting even bigger smiles on ladies' faces. Over the next three decades the concept continued to evolve from house ware to jewelry. But there's a new party in town.
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Segment 2
Old Window, New Look
Old Window, New Look
Do you have an old window laying around? Maybe in grandma's attic or in the garage? Don't worry about how grungy it is -- that will add to the beauty in the end. Janie Ellis, with Anything But Plain gives instructions on how to turn an old window into a beautiful white board!
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Segment 3
Memo Board Makeover
Memo Board Makeover
You can make a personal memo board in minutes, with items you probably already have at home.
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Segment 4
Anti-Age DIY
Anti-Age DIY
From produce to dairy, DIY Expert Tamika Fletcher helps us load up on all the ingredients we will need to make a batch of anti- aging treatments.
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Segment 5
Store Brands Ins and Outs
Store Brands Ins and Outs
People are always wondering about the difference between store brands and name brand products. Teri Gault from The Grocery Game helps us sort it all out.
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