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Hot Dogs Get Makeover

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Hot Dogs Get Makeover

It's an American tradition and one of the most affordable ways to feed a crowd. But we are giving the average hot dog a major makeover.

"It works for any occasion, it does bring people together because it appeals to so many different people, kid, adults young and old people love a hot dog," said Amalia Pferd.

Amalia Pferd and Daniel Caballero own Good Dog Hot Dogs -- a gourmet food truck that specializes in, you guessed it, hot dogs.

"You can individualize it, and everyone can enjoy it and it's great, and we've seen that through the public," said Pferd.

From adding bacon, to apples and even cream cheese, they've put a unique spin on serving a hot dog. They even have recipes that you can try at home, too.

"Our Ol Zapata dog is kind of like our Mexican dog. It's got bacon, cheese, caramelized onion, tomatoes. Our jalapeno relish, ketchup and mayo. And it's really nice combination of flavors, everything works well together even though there is a lot on the dog. It's actually one of our best sellers," said Pferd.

"The Chi Town dog is our homage to the Chicago dog in Chicago," said Pferd. "We are using all of our house pickled condiments. Actually my grandmother's recipe of the sweet relish. And then dill pickled sliced, pickled pepper -- not as spicy -- but it's got some heat. Obviously your mustard, tomato slices and celery salt."

Another popular request, the "Sunshine Dog," which has cream cheese, pickled red onions, mayo and homemade dill relish.

"Here I wanted to show how we make our fresh dill relish," said Pferd. "First, find fresh dill. Which is very yummy. I'm just going to chop it up real fine. This is something that anyone can do at home. It adds a different dimension to your relish. And that's it. And it's all ready to go and it has a different flavor to your normal dill relish."

Another way you can jazz up your hot dog, don't just sprinkle it with cheese -- wrap it up!

"The Sloppy Slaw dog is a fun dog. It's got Swiss cheese wrapped around the dog, and then our whole grain mustard. And we use our apple and horseradish slaw, which has a nice kick and a nice sweet to it with the apples. It's actually pretty popular. We really enjoy how much people enjoy it.

And, when is the last time you've had a fresh, dipped corn dog?

"You put a stick into the hot dog. And we have found a tip that is necessary in making a fresh dipped corn dog is you have to coat it with a little bit of flour. Then it's ready to be dipped into our batter. We just dip it right in. Get it all coated. Til it's a nice, even layer. Our fryer is at 350 degrees and just drop it right in," said Pferd. "We have here is our short bus mustard and our ketchup -- and that's our corn dog!"

Amalia says trying new things has been the secret to their success.

"We are really happy with people's willingness to try different dogs. Everyone has their own particular dog that they like."

Here are the "Dogs" we tried out:
Ol Zapata dog - bacon, cheese, caramelized onion, tomatoes, jalapeno relish, ketchup and mayo
Chi town dog - sweet relish. Dill pickled slices, pickled pepper, mustard, tomato slices and celery salt
Sunshine dog - cream cheese, pickled red onions, mayo, dill relish
Sloppy slaw dog - swiss cheese wrapped around the dog, whole grain mustard, apple and horseradish slaw

To find out where "Good dog Hot Dogs" is today check out their website

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.Com/gooddogfoodtruck
Twitter: http://twitter.Com/#!/gooddoghotdogs

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