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Holiday Wreaths

Whether it's pumpkins and gourds or tinsel and snow, allow the beauty inside your home to spread outdoors!

And, who better to help us transform our doors and entryways than floral designer Dwight Woodbury.

"With the holidays approaching, I'm going to show you how to save money and decorate in style," said Dwight, "It's just a matter of walking around the house -- just thinking of different ways of incorporating what you already own."

So, don't toss those pumpkins after Halloween.

"I really like the shades of greens. It started out orange and I spray-painted that great mossy green that you see just by switching out the color palette it feels a little bit more elegant," said Dwight. "I did a different treatment on this which actually there's a little silver leafing that's on here and I applied a little varnish on here just to give it an antique look as well. These are like self adhesive simulated rhinestones and they peel right off - peel and stick."

Nothing is more inviting than the warm glow of candles.

"Here I've taken like a lantern which was on my back patio," said Dwight.

He spray painted the lantern black and brought it inside. If you don't have a lantern -- no need to rush out to the store - try a vase instead.

"This is just gravel for the bottom of a fish aquarium and it's black. Just a nice layer at the base, then you take your candle and just stick it right in there!" said Dwight, "Works just as well - doesn't cost you anything!"

Dwight embellishes the outside with paper decals. It is a simple technique allowing you to easily transition from holiday to holiday.

"Keeping with our same color palette the black and green here I've taken an existing Christmas wreath that I already had and spray-painted it black," shows Dwight. "You notice I purposely left some of the green showing - yeah it's like the tips are black - it creates shadows."

Dwight attaches a wall planter at the bottom and fills it with gourds.

"Some of this is real and some of this is fake," said Dwight. "I like using the fake because we can wire it and incorporate it into the top part of it."

Any chance he gets, Dwight loves to add fresh flowers, he layers some dried Eucalyptus across the top.

"These are succulents I absolutely love using these," said Dwight. "These will hold up for weeks because it retains water. It's nice to see how it all comes together - you know when you brought this out before I was like what is he going to do with this!"

It's a wreath you can dress up or down -- transitioning through any holiday.

"We can always add like a spider and some cob webbing if you like to finish it off we can add a door greater," said Dwight. "I've simply taken what I've already had around the house -- this is a table top picture frame -- I removed the glass taken the back off taken a piece of construction paper -- added my own message."

Another wreath - another twist!

"I'm all about trying to re-purpose things I already have around my house - we love that, saving money!" said Dwight.

This time, using pipe cleaners he adds a wall sconce and the planter, but fills it with live plants.

"You can plant them directly in there if you like, but I like just using potted plants that way you can position them where ever you want them," he said.

He adds some Spanish moss to hide the pots. Dwight tops it with dried fresh apples, acorns he picked up in his backyard and dried oranges -- securing them each with wire.

"I'm taking a flower vase I'm going to sit it right there on our sconce. And to secure it in place  I wondered about that - we're going to take our pipe cleaners. Then I 'm going to take a battery operated candle - you thought of everything. That looks great."

From plate rack to fabulous triple wreath door hanger, using garland he already had - Dwight wraps the wire frames and hangs them from the rack.

"I'm going to take branches from the backyard and pine cones and magnolia leaves and we're going to finish this up," said Dwight. "Snow branches are pretty expensive when you go out and buy them."

So, we made our own with cotton balls with spay adhesive and a sprinkle of Epsom salt.

"I've tried it with like sea salt - sugar, sugar works great for inside and sugaring fruit - you don't want to use it outside because it's going to attract bugs and ants. I found out the hard way!" said Dwight. "Now we need some color. I think we can simply finish it off with some ribbon.

Three steps each - two simple yet elegant centerpieces! For the pineapple candelabra just remove a few leaves to create a chamber, coat with silver spray paint and add a candle!

"Now you can put one on either side of the table and a large bowl of ornaments in the center makes a beautiful centerpiece!" said Dwight.

Using a vase and some foam oasis that's been soaked in water -- insert a few snow covered branches and magnolia leaves. Instantly it transforms into a beautiful entry piece!

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