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Preparing Holiday Party Food

The one thing that always gets people talking at a party is the food! The Dining Diva, Molly Fowler, has a few simple appetizers that we guarantee will have your guests asking for the recipe!

"You want some kind of wow things on your table but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult," said Molly.

The easiest way to feed a crowd is by serving dips.

"This curry dip is blended together just in a snap, we are using cream cheese, a little bit of mango chutney, some sliced green onions, little bit of curry powder, dash of cayenne pepper, some fresh cilantro. You can add coconut if you want. Blend it all together in a food processor or a mixer and shape it into little ovals to look like the shape of a pine cone. Then pop then into the fridge let them firm up. Then we'll use whole almonds to look like a pinecone the way you place them. Then we will put a little rosemary spring and it looks just like a pine tree," said Molly "Really cute, great served with wheat crackers and different than what you get at other people's house but something really easy for you to do."

And you don't have to spend a lot on presentation.

"I went to the dollar store and found votive holders. I think these were like four for a dollar so very inexpensive, but creates that individual serving for each guest. That's a little pretty presentation I think to make every guest feel very special."

Molly says one of her favorites is something called " Prosciutto Palmiers." It may sound difficult and look difficult but it's something anyone can make.

"It is absolutely a no brainer. It is so easy to make. We start off with a sheet of puff pastry you find frozen in the supermarket," said Molly. "Open it up, pat out the little sheet, spread it generously with a spicy brown mustard. Sprinkle it with grated parmesan and cover the sheet with thinly sliced prosciutto -- which is italian ham. The trick and what really makes it look special and fancy is the way we roll it up. And we roll it halfway from each side so when it bakes it expands a little bit and looks like a palm fran. So that's what the palmier part is."

And, Molly says no matter what kind of party you are having you should always serve something sweet.

"This is a really fun, sweet offering at the end of your party. It's called strawberries mexicana," said Molly, "The dip is made with heavy whipping cream sour cream and dark brown sugar -- equal parts, each one cup. And then we will add a little sweet spice in there with some cinnamon and nutmeg and then we are going to add in kahlua, put this in a mixer beat it until it gets nice and thick and that's your dip for fresh pretty strawberries."

Molly says one of the best things about these recipes is you can plan ahead and start working on them a few days before your party.

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